A Serious Wake Up Call That Changed My Life

Mubeen Aslam
1 min readFeb 1, 2022


I always believed; we don’t get criticized when are on the right path. People support us, our loved ones adore us and friends remain ready to cheer up.

But I was completely wrong!

Some people always judge us no matter what we do. They love to pass comments and make us feel down. Surely some spread positivity but this type is so rare.

I want to leave a piece of me behind. The part that gets affected by others’ opinions.

Every time someone else shows me the horrifying side of this untried path, I get discouraged.

Their negativity pierces me and I start to question my abilities. I start to feel like it’s me who is wrong and maybe I should stop striving.

But then comes my dreams which don’t let me sleep. That inner voice in my head shouting; not to give up for the sake of others’ approval.

In 2022, I want to leave this old self behind who use to get affected by others’ outlook. Time to say goodbye to all the toxicity and welcome those who actually matters.




Mubeen Aslam

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